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Frequently Asked Questions

Urban Stream Tv is a platform that was created specifically for independent film producers, podcasters, artist and other various online content creators.

Urban Stream Tv is NOT Netfilx, Hulu, Disney+, Amazon Prime, BET+, YouTube,  or any other premium OTT streaming service.  Urban Stream Tv was created to provide a platform that allows viewers & subscribers to DIRECTLY  support a niche market of independent podcasters, film producers, online content creators, musical artist and educators. 

You can watch all Urban Stream Tv programming online and via the IOS and android mobile apps.  The Urban Stream Tv channel can be added to ROKU and AMAZON FIRE TV apps.  In addition you can cast Urban Stream TV to your Smart TV via the media players on the web and mobile apps.

Most of the programming on Urban Stream Tv is FREE – No credit card or monthly subscription is required.  To gain access to  premium content, virtual events and contest giveaways,  you will need to have a paid subscriber account.  When you setup your paid subscriber account a small portion of the fee is dedicated to the platform and the remaining balance stays in your account in the form of movie tickets, virtual event tickets & game tokens.  When you use a ticket watch premium content the producer of that content receives $1.  

Independent content producers are NOT compensated by Urban Stream Tv; they are compensated directly by the viewers of their content.  Each time you drop a ticket to watch premium content, you are depositing money directly into that creators account. More ticket sales equal more money for the content creator which equals more great independently produced content for urbanites to enjoy.

Urban Stream Tv - It's Not What You Think It Is...


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